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Hegang Wugang's ultra-large thickness and ultra-large single-weight chromium-molybdenum steel orders were successfully delivered to customer.

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3.3 million tons/year diesel hydrogenation plant project of Wugang for Guangdong Petrochemical, a Sino-Venezuel joint venture, replacing the imported chromium-molybdenum steel plate with a thickness of 172 mm and a weight of 49.58 tons delivered to the customer. The thickness and unit weight all became the top of same steel plate .The most important thing is to boost the petrochemical industry to realize the localization of steel for construction of this type project.

In the early stage process of serving customers, due to the large steel sheet and the thickness specification beyond the equipment limit, if the existing equipment is used, it is difficult to complete using the traditional production process. However, in the face to series of "impossibility," HBIS Wugang comprehensively considered factors such as the difficulty of steel plate production, the company's influence in the industry and serving key customers, and resolutely accepted the order. Subsequently, Hegang Wugang decided to break the convention and traditional process route to adopt the challenge , then refine the production process around the process, production, equipment, and quality inspection with all concerted efforts to promote the "customized" production of the order.

Hegang Wugang's ultra-large thickness and ultra-large single-weight chromium-molybdenum steel orders were successfully delivered to customer.

Because the customer's requirements for this batch of steel plates are extremely strict. In terms of performance requirements, the steel plate needs to meet the delivery state, minimum modal welding state and maximum modal welding state performance, and requires -30°C impact performance and 410°C high temperature tensile performance at 1/2 of the plate thickness; in terms of equipment design, To meet the requirements and long-term service capability of the equipment in a high temperature and high pressure environment, after comprehensive assessment, the thickness of the equipment steel must reach 172mm; in order to reduce the adverse effects of the weld, the equipment is manufactured with a cylindrical joint single weld design and the equipment uses steel length Reach 16796mm and so on. Facing the individual needs of customers, HBIS Wugang gave full play to its technical advantages, overcoming a series of challenges such as complex production process flow, large steel plate thickness, strict simulation post-welding system and high performance requirements. In the process of continuous innovation of technology, development Develop special production technology, strengthen process quality tracking control, fully tap the potential of equipment, overcome various technical problems, and ensure that the performance, surface, and flaw detection pass rate of the single contract steel plate is 100%, and all the steel plates are delivered to users smoothly with quality and quantity.

Behind this perfect contract, combined infinite wisdom and strength with all employees of HBIS Wugang Group: from contract acceptance to contract issuance, process formulation, steel ingot smelting, external forging, to billet cleaning, to steel plate rolling , Heat treatment, surface treatment, and perfect delivery through inspection, the company’s production and R&D department have all made great efforts and care. The contract has a total of 11 pieces, 539t, unit weight up to 47.9-49.6t. The smooth delivery has consolidated the company's leading position in the steel manufacturing field for petrochemical equipment and has accumulated rich production experience for the company to produce this type of steel plate.

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